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About the Conference on the Study of Religions of India

Previously known as the Conference on Religion in South India (CRSI), the Conference on the Study of Religions of India (CSRI) assumed its broader scope and current name, and held its first conference in 2005. CSRI provides a forum for scholars engaged in the academic study of religions of India to present their fresh and original research to colleagues. A distinctive feature of this conference is that it offers a leisurely, collegial, and informal setting to pursue critical inquiry into the rich and diverse religious traditions of India, both in their native and diasporic contexts. The conference is committed to creative and critical inquiry. It is not an advocacy forum for the religions of India and does not endorse or proscribe a particular point of view. Scholars committed to the academic study of Indian religions with a doctoral degree in religious studies or allied disciplines, as well as graduate students in advanced standing are eligible to present and participate in the annual meetings. Indeed, many graduate students find the annual meetings of CSRI to be a valuable forum for forging productive professional relationships with senior scholars in the field. Many senior scholars of today fondly recall the productive professional friendships the annual meetings helped them form early in their professional careers.

Information about CSRI, its history, its archives and publications that have emerged from the conferences can be accessed here: http://digitalcommons.butler.edu/csri/