All events are held at the Pitzer Center, UC Davis Campus. The symposium has two parts--the lectures and short concerts by local artists, followed by an evening concert by Dr. S. Sowmya. 

Please take your seats in the auditorium by 9:50 AM. 

Symposium (10:00-5:00)

The symposium is free and open to the public. Participants who pre-register for the symposium and concert will receive a Certificate of Achievement from the U.C Davis Department of Music. There is no fee to register. Register here.

9:00 AM: Check-in begins for those pre-registered for the symposium. Check in closes at 9:50 AM. 

10:00 AM: Welcome
Archana Venkatesan and Sikkil Gurucharan

10:30-11:20 AM: Professor Davesh Soneji, University of Pennsylvania
The Social World of Muttusvāmi Dīkṣitar

11:30-12 noon: Veena Concert
Geeta Shankar (Veena)
Ajay Gopi (Mridangam)

12:10-1:30: Lunch Break

1:40-2:30: Professor Indira Viswanathan Peterson, Mt. Holyoke College
Temples, Sanskrit, and Tamil in Muttusvami Dikshitar’s Songs: The Tiruvarur and Thanjavur Kritis

2:40-3:10: Vocal Concert
Manasa Suresh (Vocal)
Geeta Shankar (Veena)
Akshay Prabhakaran (Mridangam)

3:20-4:10: Dr. Anand Venkatkrishnan, Harvard University
Singing the Body of the Goddess: Language and Religion in Dikshitar's Kritis.

4:20-4:50: Vocal Concert
Radhika Bhalerao (Vocal)
Vikas Yendluri (Tabla)

4:50-5:00: Concluding Comments
Archana Venkatesan and Sikkil Gurucharan

6:30 pm: Distribution of Certificates to Participants followed by Concert by Dr. S. Sowmya

Concert (7:00-9:00 PM)

Tickets to the concert by Dr. S. Sowmya may be purchased through the Mondavi Center's ticketing service or at the door.
Students and children $10.00; Adults $20.00. Free to sponsors and annual pass holders of Sacramento Aradhana.

7:00 pm: Vocal Concert 
Dr. S. Sowmya (Vocal)
Ranjani Ramakrishnan (Violin)
Vignesh Venkataraman (Mridangam)